I’m an automation maven helping busy biz women break free from social media and systems overwhelm in their online business

I’m all about organisation, efficiency, time-saving systems, automation and effectiveness – which are critical factors for anyone in business, but when you find yourself trading cuddle time with the kids for sweating over social media posts – that no one even sees – you know it’s time for change.

So how do you build freedom and flexibility into your business so you can actually have a life?

You can keep banging your head against the wall trying to get your business systems sorted on your own.

But you don’t have to.
And more importantly, I’m guessing you don’t want to!
Here’s what you DO want:

// To create a more productive and streamlined way of working.

// To get back time so you can focus on the parts of your business you love.

// To get the support you need to implement the right systems and organise your workflows (Think: Your very own online stylist. Like your own Renovation Rescue, elevating your business to a whole new level.)

// And the kind of flexibility that makes you feel freer than Ferris Bueller singing Danke Schoen on a float somewhere in downtown Chicago.

// For you, maybe getting organised, gaining momentum and making more money means you’ll get extra play time in with your kids.


(And feeling like a boss because you’re actually smashing your to-do list!)

Or maybe it means working with people you actually care about, and supporting other brilliant women in business just like yourself who make work feel fun.

Whatever your version of freedom and fulfilment is, I can help you grow your business so it supports the life you want by bringing organisation to your workflows, purpose to your processes, and strategy to your systems.

Whether you want to build a brand that feels perfectly you, or you already have the gorgeous branding, you just need the support to get your name out there, pretty soon…


Together we’ll create a new path so you feel supported and unstoppable, no matter what life throws at you. (And life will keep throwing stuff!)


I was blown away by the results Claire delivered in such a short amount of time. The weight that has been lifted from my shoulders is incredible. Working with Claire not only freed up so much time, but the fear of visibility that has so often hampered my social media posting has all but dissolved.

Before I started working with Claire, I was spending HOURS on social media – writing, searching, curating and sharing content, comparing myself (not recommended!), taking photos, editing photos, and posting at least twice a day on all my accounts. It was taking over as the main marketing activity, and I thought that’s what it took to be visible. But the reality was it was taking me away from my core business, the piece that actually makes money. Ultimately, social media was costing me money!

When Claire took over the reins for a month, my stress and anxiety levels instantly dropped. I suddenly had more time (and less guilt) for the things that mattered – including my family. I had more time to focus on building my business and add real value. I had time to write blog posts and send newsletters, both of which were playing second fiddle to social media.

I’ve learnt so much from Claire, including how to automate and schedule content and how to recycle and target different social media accounts with tailored content. Thanks to Claire, I’ve literally got my life back! If you’re thinking of working with Claire, do it – she is worth every cent (and more), and the results speak for themselves. My engagement, likes and followers all increased literally from week one!

Claire is an automation wonder woman and an essential part of any online business.

Rebecca Grainger

Founder, Coach, Healer, The Mama Hub


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