Untangle Your Tech MasterClasses

Taking the angst out of automations and the STRESS out of systems.

You’re a savvy solopreneur.

You’re on a mission to take your online business to the magical 6 figure mark – and beyond – and you’ve got a solid plan to help you get there.

You take action over procrastination any day. You don’t need to outsource every little task in your business, and you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, get down to work and make it happen.

And so help you vodka, you will…
…just as soon you can work out how to link the damn opt-in to your glitchy email software without blowing up the internet… and then find something on YouTube about creating graphics for social media, preferably one without all that self-promo guff and advertising – do they exist?…and then spend the next few weeks deciphering all that techy speak… CCS?… HTML?… WTF?
Building in all the systems and automations you need to get your online business humming like a well-oiled machine is complicated, and time consuming.

(And not knowing how to get the most out of the apps and software you’ve paid good money for – well that’s just downright frustrating)

It’s enough to make you doubt your own abilities, turn to a slab of dark organic chocolate for support and binge on netflix for the rest of the day…

HOLD UP: back awaaay from the chocolate there, lady.

What if you could get instant answers to your trickiest automation questions and simple solutions to your biggest systems time-sucks?

Like, right now.
Would you be up for that?

Would it make your day easier knowing you could just login and actually start using the platform you’ve been paying through the nose for?

Would having someone walk you calmly and quickly through the hot tech mess you’ve gotten yourself into give you a virtual deep sigh of relief?

Good news! Help is here…


Untangle Your Tech MasterClasses

Your Ultimate DIY Cure For The Backend Blues

(and a whole lot better for your system than chocolate….or vodka!)

Just think..


// No more squealing at your screen when things don’t ‘work’

// No more desperate calls for help at 10pm to your biz besties

// No more wasting money on a platform you’re not even using

// No more scrolling system FAQ pages looking for answers

// No more missed opportunities due to complex functionality


And definitely no more scratching your head late at night, wondering how to migrate lists, integrate forms, and make sense of all the confusing jargon.

It’s time for your tech to start pulling its own weight in your business
(instead of draining your bank account while it lies around all day on your hard drive sipping piña coladas and watching Britain’s Got Talent on YouTube)

And if you’re ready to start growing your list so you can start making offers (and, you know… money..)

So what is it, exactly?

Untangle Your Tech is a collection of short, sharp and smart video trainings for savvy boss-ladies who want to streamline their systems, amp up their automations and get their business moving – fast!

Each masterclass covers the setup and implementation of specific, well-known applications and software platforms — the ones used in literally millions of online businesses around the world.

The videos are housed in a private members portal, and once purchased, you’ll have access to that training for life.

You’ll get answers to all your most pressing systems and application questions in an easy to follow, highly engaging, get-straight-down-to-it kind of way.

No fluff, no fillers. Just step by step instructions to get you moving, and keep you going.


Choose the MasterClass that’s right for you:
Here’s what you get:

Lifetime access to each training you purchase

Clear and easy to follow instructions for simple setup and smart implementation

Downloadable PDF resources to print out and refer back to

1-on-1 Support & Guidance through the Automation Mavens community

These classes will leave you feeling clued-in, amped up and in control of your business backend, so you can get on with the things that’ll make your business hum, like streamlining social media, automating emails and building that all important list.

Simply select the masterclass/es you need most and start untangling your tech today – it’s that easy!

Ready to get moving towards your big goals?

These masterclasses are more than just tutorials. Not only will you learn everything you need to know about setting up and using these important business building tools, you’ll also walk away with an immediately actionable plan, plus a printable resource, that you can refer back to whenever you need.

And once you master your tech – you’ll be unstoppable.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to step out of your own way and start taking action.

Find the masterclass you need and get answers to all your burning tech questions – today.

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Claire Solomon

Marketing expert, automation maven and social media strategist. My street cred is a combination of professional qualifications and years in the corporate trenches working for big brands like Kraft, Bupa and Avon, before founding my own successful online business.

I teach women in business how to apply my proven time-saving systems and biz-building strategies so they can focus their energy where the biggest payoff is.

I’m obsessed with organisation, efficiency and sequins and I’m passionate about empowering women with the knowledge, skills and list building support they need to shine online.

Got Questions?

I’ve got answers!

1. Do you offer a refund if I don’t like the masterclass I bought?

Short answer. No.

Long answer. I’ve put a lot of thought and hours of research into the creation of these masterclasses. I’ve thought about how best to deliver it in the most concise, user-friendly and easy to understand format. I’ve done the research for you. I’ve stripped out all the junk and jargon that you find in most how-to videos. I’ve trawled the internet and waded through the systems FAQs to find the answers. And when I couldn’t find the answers, I emailed, called and stalked the bejesus out of the people on the front lines of those apps and software platforms who do have the answers. So once your payment has been processed, and you’ve been granted access to the masterclass/es you’ve selected, it’s all yours, for life. If you’re unsure about any of the topics or content, please get in touch or read the glowing testimonials from tons of happy customers below.

2. How long does each masterclass run for?

It depends. Each masterclass covers one specific application or software platform. The platforms vary in their degree of complexity and functionality, so each one is slightly different in length. Because I’ve created each masterclass specifically for time-poor business owners, all of the classes cover only what you need to know – no more, no less. Each masterclass has been broken down into mini modules so you can dive straight into the section you want to watch, or rewatch. The downloadable PDF strategy guide that comes with each masterclass is ideal for those who like to read along.

3. Tech moves fast, how often do you update the training?

Great question! It’s true, the online world moves at the speed of light. These masterclasses are freshly baked out of the oven and will remain easily accessible until it’s time to whip up a new batch. (Because just like old bread, out of date info is just crummy). So you can rest assured, if any significant changes are made to functionality or usability, I’ll be all over it. An updated video will replace the previous one, probably before you’ve even noticed.

4. What happens after I purchase a MasterClass?

I’ll send you an email confirming your purchase and you’ll be able to login to access the private members portal where your training is housed. Once you log in, you’ll be free to watch the training as many times as you like. You’ll also find inside the portal a downloadable PDF of your training. Print it out, make notes on it, refer to it anytime.

5. I can use the platform, I just want more tips, how basic is the training?

I’ve designed the masterclasses to suit all users from beginner to intermediate level. Each class walks you through the setup and implementation of that specific platform, plus I give you a printable PDF guide with tips and screenshots. The training covers everything you need to get started and keep going, but if you are already an advanced user, this training might not be the right one for you. If you have any questions, or you’re unsure, please feel free to get in touch.

What people are saying…

(hint: peeps are loving these classes!)

Claire has an amazing depth of knowledge when it comes to automating your biz and is able to explain things clearly without making it seem overwhelming.

Claire makes it all seem so easy, and nothing is ever left to question. She lays everything out clearly and gives you the information and the confidence you need to be able to repeat the process for yourself. If you get the chance to do a training session with Claire, go for it. You’ll get everything you could possibly need in a simple, perfectly laid out step-by-step process so you can get it done in the fastest time possible.

Alanna Blundo

The Meditation Marketplace

Claire’s training style is light, easy-going and fun.

With Claire’s help I was able to create a useful sequence of emails that introduces me and my business, provides real value for my website visitors, and I know will ultimately lead to sales. I love that it’s all automated and so easy now. If you’re thinking about purchasing a training session with Claire, stop thinking and just do it. It will take time and effort and it may even be confronting, but it’s an essential part of growing your business.

Helena Denley

Everyday Homeopathy

I love that everything Claire teaches is so instantly implementable, a repeatable process to follow, taking the guess work out of what to do, how to do it and exactly when to do it.

I desperately needed help with my automations so I was excited to get stuck into the training - and I was not disappointed. Claire delivered in spades. She is a natural trainer and gives very clear, well thought out instructions. Everything is expertly planned so by the end of it I had a job done (or at least mostly done) and ticked off the list. The training gets you into the right mindset as well as having everything physically ready to progress into an automated funnel. At the end of the training you'll have actually worked on your funnel and you’ll have a repeatable process to follow. Claire is amazing, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mel Holo

Retail Business Trainer

Claire has a knack for making everything clear and easy to understand.

We now have an opt-in that truly reflects the pain point our problem solves and ultimately an automated way of marketing our business. Claire is very relaxed and makes everything seem so easy, but make no mistake, she’ll give you clear actionable steps to kick some serious goals in your business. Our only concern is that we didn’t find her sooner.

Rosie Lo Grasso


I now have a clear set of road signs to follow for nurturing my email list building to my course launch.

From the outside, Claire looks great on (digital) paper. Her testimonials are strong and her brand is solid. But what you get when you sign up, is a top notch service provider who completely over-delivers. Claire gives you the confidence and all the right tools to go away and successfully implement her strategies on your own. If you haven't signed up for one of her training sessions yet, you're a crazy person. Here, give me your laptop. I'll book it in for you.

Jay Crisp Crow