Claire has an amazing depth of knowledge when it comes to automating your biz and is able to explain things clearly without making it seem overwhelming.

Claire makes it all seem so easy, and nothing is ever left to question. She lays everything out clearly and gives you the information and the confidence you need to be able to repeat the process for yourself. If you get the chance to do a training session with Claire, go for it. You’ll get everything you could possibly need in a simple, perfectly laid out step-by-step process so you can get it done in the fastest time possible.

Alanna Blundo

The Meditation Marketplace

Claire’s training style is light, easy-going and fun.

With Claire’s help I was able to create a useful sequence of emails that introduces me and my business, provides real value for my website visitors, and I know will ultimately lead to sales. I love that it’s all automated and so easy now. If you’re thinking about purchasing a training session with Claire, stop thinking and just do it. It will take time and effort and it may even be confronting, but it’s an essential part of growing your business.

Helena Denley

Everyday Homeopathy

I now have a clear set of road signs to follow for nurturing my email list building to my course launch.

From the outside, Claire looks great on (digital) paper. Her testimonials are strong and her brand is solid. But what you get when you sign up, is a top notch service provider who completely over-delivers. Claire gives you the confidence and all the right tools to go away and successfully implement her strategies on your own. If you haven't signed up for one of her training sessions yet, you're a crazy person. Here, give me your laptop. I'll book it in for you.

Jay Crisp Crow


I love that everything Claire teaches is so instantly implementable, a repeatable process to follow, taking the guess work out of what to do, how to do it and exactly when to do it.

I desperately needed help with my automations so I was excited to get stuck into the training - and I was not disappointed. Claire delivered in spades. She is a natural trainer and gives very clear, well thought out instructions. Everything is expertly planned so by the end of it I had a job done (or at least mostly done) and ticked off the list. The training gets you into the right mindset as well as having everything physically ready to progress into an automated funnel. At the end of the training you'll have actually worked on your funnel and you’ll have a repeatable process to follow. Claire is amazing, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Mel Holo

Retail Business Trainer

Claire has a knack for making everything clear and easy to understand.

We now have an opt-in that truly reflects the pain point our problem solves and ultimately an automated way of marketing our business. Claire is very relaxed and makes everything seem so easy, but make no mistake, she’ll give you clear actionable steps to kick some serious goals in your business. Our only concern is that we didn’t find her sooner.

Rosie Lo Grasso


Talk about going above and beyond!

Claire was super organised and made sure I had what I needed and that I understood everything she was explaining. She is meticulously thorough but also has a wonderful laid back nature so you never feel overwhelmed or confused. Thanks to Claire I now have more time to work ON my business instead of IN it, and the structure is finally set up properly making it all feel seamless. Thinking of working with Claire? Do it! It’ll be money WELL spent.

Mandy Millan

Founder & Pilates Teacher , Flo Wellbeing

Claire showed me all the wonderful (new to me) software and apps that are available now to help with communicating and streamlining business processes – and they have been total game changers!

Working with Claire was fantastic from beginning to end. Communication was consistently clear and easy and I always knew what she was working on and what I needed to provide to keep things ticking along. The project plan was detailed and you know exactly what you’re going to get for your money. If you’re thinking of working with Claire, give her a call and have a chat. If you do decide to jump, it’ll be worth every cent.

Kylie Dowell

HR Expert, Resume Rescue

I now have consistent daily posts that look and feel amazing and are in line with my brand, a dramatic increase in followers on Facebook and growing, and a flood of direct sales from brides seeing images of dresses on Instagram.

To be honest, I was reluctant at first to hand over control of my instagram account to Claire – or to anyone for that matter! I’d worked so hard to create the look, feel and content, and I was used to picking and posting everything myself. But I knew I couldn’t keep doing everything on my own, so I finally worked up the courage and gave it to Claire – and I have never looked back. Claire developed a winning social media strategy that included planning, scheduling and mapping out all of my posts – and in doing so, freed up SO MUCH time for me. Now for the first time in five years I can go on holiday and relax with peace of mind knowing all of my social media posts are being taken care of and in good hands! There was a bit of work to do at the beginning to gather the images I wanted (and it took longer than I thought) but once it was all done I could let it go and focus on other stuff, it truly is such a relief. If you want to free up a big chunk of time to work on other parts of your business then outsourcing will do it. If you want someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to social media management, someone you can trust implicitly with your brand and your reputation, work with Claire!

Aneta Pazeski

Founder, Bridesmaids Dressing Room

I’d been faffing around in my business for ages trying to get my systems sorted while the fancy automation software I’d paid so much for (and had no idea how to use) sat untouched on my hard drive gathering digital dust. As the client work stacked up, communicating with my own tribe got embarrassingly further and further down my to do list. Then along came Claire to save the list-building day, and boy, did she save me!

From our first chat I could tell she knew her stuff, but I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily she got things done. In just a few short days she put together literally months of social media content – something I thought would take forever. She set it all up beautifully for me, and made me feel like I could easily take over from where she left off. All the fear and resistance I’d been feeling about ‘putting myself out there’ just fell away.

Claire has a way of explaining all the tricky technical stuff in a way that makes it seem so simple, but what she delivers is a potent combination of strategy and support to help you hit the ground running. Claire not only saved me countless hours; she put me squarely in the spotlight feeling polished and professional.

If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, you need to work with Claire.

Amie Turner

Copywriter + Copy Editor , Amie Turner Ink

Right from the start Claire had an intuitive understanding of exactly what we needed.

The best thing about working with Claire is her proactive approach and supreme organisation. Her communication is second to none and she kept us up to date and informed every step of the way. Biggest benefit so far? The time savings, I can’t even put a price on that, it’s gold! Getting our social media automated for two months – what a gift. For the first time ever, I don’t have to think about posting today. Or tomorrow. Or the next day …. it all feels so easy and organised. I know our revamped social media strategy will translate into increased brand awareness and enquiries. Seriously, Claire is amazing. You need to stop wondering and just go for it. If you’re prepared to dedicate time at the beginning to collate all the info she needs, you’ll be home and hosed, she’ll take care of the rest.

Rosie Lo Grasso

Marketing & Client Services, ideapro

Working with Claire was the best professional experience I’ve ever had.

She helped me establish an engaging Social Media Presence that has created a huge surge of traffic to our site. She also helped with our site build, which is now functional, easy to use and gorgeous. Claire was courteous, professional, and really knows her stuff. She kept me informed of everything she was doing along the way, and at the end made sure the handover was smooth, and the transition seamless.

I highly recommend Claire’s services if you’re looking to grow your business with more continuity, clarity and confidence.

Stephanie Lane

Owner & Head Wedding Planner, Amore Wedding Planning

I was blown away by the results Claire delivered in such a short amount of time. The weight that has been lifted from my shoulders is incredible. Working with Claire not only freed up so much time, but the fear of visibility that has so often hampered my social media posting has all but dissolved.

Before I started working with Claire, I was spending HOURS on social media – writing, searching, curating and sharing content, comparing myself (not recommended!), taking photos, editing photos, and posting at least twice a day on all my accounts. It was taking over as the main marketing activity, and I thought that’s what it took to be visible. But the reality was it was taking me away from my core business, the piece that actually makes money. Ultimately, social media was costing me money!

When Claire took over the reins for a month, my stress and anxiety levels instantly dropped. I suddenly had more time (and less guilt) for the things that mattered – including my family. I had more time to focus on building my business and add real value. I had time to write blog posts and send newsletters, both of which were playing second fiddle to social media.

I’ve learnt so much from Claire, including how to automate and schedule content and how to recycle and target different social media accounts with tailored content. Thanks to Claire, I’ve literally got my life back! If you’re thinking of working with Claire, do it – she is worth every cent (and more), and the results speak for themselves. My engagement, likes and followers all increased literally from week one!

Claire is an automation wonder woman and an essential part of any online business.

Rebecca Grainger

Founder, Coach, Healer, The Mama Hub

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